Kitchen of My Dreams…

I believe having a beautiful, functional  kitchen is just as important as what comes out of it.  So I’m going to pull you away from the oven for a moment to talk about some of my favorite kitchen styles, layouts, and basically the kitchen of my dreams.

The kitchen is a hub of activity in our home, it’s where we start our morning, and it’s where we gather again at the end of the day.  I hope that I have provided my children with many happy memories, and I’m sure some of them will be from my kitchen, preparing holiday meals, and cupcakes for school birthdays, etc…  It’s the room I spend the most time in, and a place for enjoyment. You are always welcome in my kitchen.

Floor plans for kitchens can be found easily all over the internet. Some are very elaborate, while others are keeping a more simple, traditional style. I really love the look of the farmstyle kitchens, with vintage flares, and although I don’t have one now, I really think that a work island is a must.

The idea that something on paper could become the most amazing, comforting space in your home, is so exciting.  And so much work!  Once the floor plan has been chosen you have to select color schemes, flooring, appliances, counters, cabinets, back splashes, everything  right down to the kitchen sink! Literally!And, make sure you have a reliable contractor that shares your vision, and understands what you really want out of your finished project. It’s a lot of stress!

But, once you have everything in place you end up with a dream come true. Someday, I will have my dream kitchen. Complete with farmhouse sink, glass front refrigerator, white cabinets, blue green accents, and a little vintage feel in the finish touches.  Yes, I do know every detail of my dream kitchen.  Here it is.

Courtney's someday kitchen

The only thing missing… my family, and friends.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sherry says:

    And don’t forget how many electrical outlets and where you want them placed, and lighting and…I’m finding that a good contractor will not only think of things that you may not have thought of but they’ll also find ways to save you money! Great post!

    1. cori bailey says:

      So true! There are so many small details to tend too your contractor will be your best friend! Thanks!

  2. Bobbi says:

    Really enjoy this post, especially the floor plan, above. Do you know what the kitchen dimensions are? I am planning a new kitchen in a 15X12 space, and hopefully this will fit–it is close to perfect!
    Thank you.

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