Cake Rejects…need some more work…

O.k., so I attempted cupcakes inside of eggshells for Easter, and they were…o.k.  They taste great which is always a plus, but the look is not exactly as I would have like so.  Take two will be happening this Friday.  We’re having french toast and scrambled eggs for dinner so that I can use a couple dozen egg shells to bake cake in! Here is my first attempt.

Not too bad I guess but there was more cracking than I wanted,  and more over spill than I wanted, and the frosting isn’t exactly what I wanted… sigh, back to the drawing board on this one…

Here is a closer look, the shell was too full of the batter and it over flowed which on it’s own ok I can get it off. The problem here lies in the coloring of the egg.  The baked on cake peeled the color off!! Go ahead and laugh… I have to admit I did. 😉

It could have been worse I guess, the concept is a good one and I’ll get it right in time for the holiday! Hope you got a chuckle anyway.  Enjoy!


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