Success! Easter Egg Cakes ~ Take Two!

So if you read my previous post about my egg rejects you saw the obvious problems that I was having with this technique.  But, never being one to give up I made a second attempt in time for Easter with my family.  So here is the process.

First clean out eighteen eggs by poking a small hole in one end no bigger than a blueberry, and simply shake the guts out of the egg into a bowl.  We made french toast for dinner to use up our raw eggs.  Take the egg shells and runs them under water to rinse out the filmy membrane from the inside they come out pretty easily if you have a tricky one soak it in water with about a Tsp of baking powder for a minute or two and it will come right out.

Set the egg shells on a paper towel with the hole down to drain any excess water. Allow them to dry while you make the cake, I used a Betty Crocker white cake mix (and still feel bad about using a prepared cake mix by the way…) once well mixed according to the package instructions seperate into four bowls and add food coloring. Set aside.

Take your prepare egg shells and secure them upright in muffin cups, nesting them in aluminum foil. Spray the inside of the egg shells with non-stick cooking spray, and then spoon each color of cake batter into each egg shell until about 2/3 full. Bake 350 degrees until the cake is spongy at the top of the egg, it may spill over the opening of the egg this is ok and can be easily cleaned off. Allow to cool.

Once cooled, using a paring knife gently cut away any excess cake from the outside of the shell, and continue until all the eggs are cleaned off. If there is any significant amount of batter remaining take a new clean sponge that is slightly damp and rub it across the outside of the egg where affected and it will come right off.

Now for the frosting, I made a batch of cream cheese frosting and put it in a piping bag and piped it into the center of each cupcake. and then covered the opening in the egg with a little frosting too.  Dampen your finger with water and you can smooth the frosting over the opening to look just like the end of the egg.

Set the eggs upright on an egg container that has been turned upside down and using Wilton’s spray on food coloring color your easter eggs as desired.  You may want to lay down some newspaper or parchment as it will overspray slightly, I set my carton down into my sink to spray the eggs. Spray over the frosted opening as well for a great looking finish. And then allow to dry that’s it! You’re done with what is the most labor intensive cupcake ever conceived. Pat yourself on the back for having the patience to give it a try. The kids loved it and it was worth the extra effort to see them open them up.  Enjoy!


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