A “Shot” at Dessert

An old friend contacted me through her sister to ask if I could help or would be interested in helping with the desserts for her sons graduation party.  Needless to say I was totally honored! What a great accomplishment for this young man, and his mother if you ask me.  😉  So of course I’m always willing to bake something up! I wanted to something unique and tasty, but still casual enough for a graduation open house.  So, what better than dessert shots!

Dessert shots are small size desserts perfect for casual events, pretty without being to fancy schmancy, and the combinations of flavors are really endless! You can make a little something for everyone.  She requested  desserts for 200, and so I decided to do 50 each of four flavors, which half way through became 5 flavors because I had a mid creation  idea. So much for the best laid plans lol.:)

I ended up with:

Red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting

Traditional strawberry cheesecake

Chocolate covered banana cream pie

Pink lemonade

and Strawberry Mousse

Now, it would take forever to give you all those recipes so, here is my favorite of those 5.

Chocolate Covered Banana Cream Pie Dessert Shots

for the chocolate ganache:

  • 9 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped, or in chips
  • 1 cup heavy cream

Nilla wafer cookies


banana pudding, prepared according to package directions

Whipped topping

First in a food processor, crush the cookies and set aside.

Next prepare the pudding and refrigerate,  slice bananas and set aside.

In a large double boiler, melt chocolate and slowly add the heavy cream.  Heat through until well blended, allow to cool to room temp.

Now, about the serving dishes, I got mine on http://www.amazon.com they were reasonably priced and arrived very quickly.  Here is a picture of the two types that I ordered for this event.

I cleaned them all and set them out on the counter in sets of fifty.  I began layering the ingredients as follows, 1 Tbsp Nilla wafers, banana pudding, 2 slices of banana, chocolate ganache, 1 tbsp Nilla wafers, banana pudding, and whipped topping. The layers looked fantastic and tasted even better.  Imagine the variations of this recipe alone, like what if I had used Nutter Butter Cookies instead of Nilla wafers.  I could go on and on… Enjoy!


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