The Silence is Broken!

Wow! It’s been a long time!

I haven’t been neglecting my blog, I swear.  I have been transferring all of these fantastic recipes into the program that I’m using to complete my first cookbook. It’s been such an amazing process, and so far the project is exceeding my expectations.

Now, back to blogging so I have material for this book!

I think that storage is probably one of the most challenging things about baked goods.  If it’s not sealed properly it can dry out, but if it’s a moist recipe a tight seal can cause an early let’s say demise…ha ha.

So what to do… here are some tips that I found particularly useful when it comes to storage of not just your baked creations, but supplies too!
For short-term storage consider this:

  • If the baked goods are to be eaten the same day, storing them in cardboard boxes like the kind used by  professional bakers should not be a problem. These boxes, are available in flat pack form, and are readily available in the baking  sections of many stores like WalMart, and Meijer, or craft stores like JoAnne’s and Michaels. If the baked products are to be given as a gift, the boxes, which usually come in white, can be decorated with attractive stickers or tied up with pretty ribbons, and in some stores come in a variety of colors and prints.

For long term storage:
  • If the baked goods are to be kept for several days or weeks, airtight containers are needed to keep them fresh. Sealable plastic containers  with airtight lids like tupperware are available in most department stores. Tin boxes are also suitable for medium and long-term storage. Many cookie and some candy companies sell their products in tins. These are perfect to reuse as containers for baked goods.  Smaller baked products, such as cookies, can be stored in glass jars and will keep fresh for several weeks, depending on the type of cookie. These glass jars are also super affordable and can be decorated for gifting purposes also.
  • Many baked goods can also be stored in the freezer. Most plastic containers can go in the freezer and these are a good way of protecting baked foods from being damaged while in storage. Plastic freezer bags are also suitable  for baked goods in the freezer as long as they are properly sealed to prevent the food getting frost damage. Another way to get the lasting effects of freezing without frost bite on food is to store these items in the door area of the freezer instead of on shelves where they can get pushed to the back and forgotten.
    Aside from just the storage of the finished product though there is also the ingredient storage to consider. I feel sometimes like I have enough raw materials in my kitchen that I could run a commercial bakery out of there for at least a few days!  The problem though is storing things safely, and in a way that keeps them as fresh as possible.
    Here is a solution I found on Pinterest which I believe was originally pulled from the website  I have plenty of time found that I only use a cup or half a bag etc… of certain ingredients like nuts, and chocolate chips.  But once the original bag is opened keeping those things fresh can be tough.  Yes, a ziploc would suffice but then it’s one more piece of landfill right? So, how about up-cycling a plastic bottle. See below.
Neat right!?  I thought so too.  Here’s another suggestion and one that I started using right away.  This time from  This is a genius way to store your flour, and sugar or other bulk products! They stay fresh, and my cabinets stay clean. Love it!

Another great idea that I have used several times now is to bake items in seal-able containers.  My kids love cupcakes baked in mason jars whenever we go camping.  I bake the cake in the jar and then add the frosting before sealing them up for travel!

Anyway these are just a few of the great ideas out there in the world for you all to enjoy! Have a great week and I’m working on a fantastic recipe post for Margarita cupcakes with tequila lime frosting. Keep you eyes peeled for that one you’re gonna love it!


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