I had a flashback recently.

Ok so I actually had to review my own blog entries because I thought I may have already blogged about this but you’re in luck this is fresh content!!

Yesterday my husband and I did the unthinkable…we took our teenage daughter to the local county fair because she wanted vinegar french fries and fresh lemonade lol!

What I ended up with after this heroing experience was a flashback to an old school kind of way of life that I had forgotten about. This venue has a significant place in the world of food and I was gleefully reminded as I perused halls filled with ribbons attached to of all things glorious foods!

I was upset with myself for having forgotten this fun and interesting part of local history. The county fair is a tradition that many baker’s and farmers worked all year for! I found myself in the presence of masterful cakes, pies, cookies, candies, and prize winning veggies all made, and grown by adults and kids alike! I loved seeing the jams and jellies section, and pickling winner’s it was a really fun evening! ( Yes, I know I may need to find some more hobbies lol)

So here’s my advice, go to the fair! You’ll have a nostalgic flashback like no other and it just might inspire you to bake a little, or grow a little, or just appreciate things a little more. Happy cooking everyone!


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