A food-nominon in Las Vegas

Blogging “live” from Las Vegas.

My husband and I are vacationing this week in fabulous Las Vegas! We travel here pretty regularly and I have to say I love the diversity and range of cultures and experiences that can be had in this city. Every trip feels like a new experience and always includes some amazing meals from buffets to 5 star restaurants.

Tonight we’ll venture out for dinner and a show and we will no doubt have a lot of fun. Better yet my BFF Amber and her husband are joining us soon!

But back to the food of it all. The available options here are phenominal. Every country represented, every level of sweet and spice and salt. Melt in your mouth desserts, and adventurous and playful appetizers. If you ever wanted to have a food adventure I highly recommend doing it in Las Vegas. We’ve had fresh hand made pastas, brazilian roasts, sushi, and even “Secret” pizza.

So make a plan or wing it if ya want but find a place to taste a world of possibilities! You never know you may find a new favorite dish, or style of cooking that you never dreamed of! Happy cooking!


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