Thinking about change

Ok folks, I love this blog, I love why it was started and all the great things I’ve been able to share. But I do feel a little limited in that it is only baking and cooking…

so, I’ve been thinking about adding some things to make the content a little broader. I’d like to include a few more things about my life, travels, and experiences. Maybe share some things that I’ve found that I really love from other writers, bloggers, photographers, etc…

So here is my question…First what do you think about expanding the content? Should I revamp Baking it Real? or start a whole new blog with the expanded content and transfer the Baking It Real content to the new site? If I did re-vamp it should I change the name? If I started a new one what should I call it?


That was a lot questions!! LOL  Just looking for a little guidance from those who have made, in my mind,  this blog such a success. Looking forward to hearing from you!! Thank you all for your encouragement!


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